SAT Tutoring

We figure out what students need and focus their time on those topics. Our individualized programs give attention to the student that cannot be found in classroom settings, delivered in a way that is most suitable and customized to each particular student.

Our services are designed to provide high-precision, individualized learning and growth for our students. After a free introductory session, the team begins tutoring sessions which typically last 8-12 weeks, depending on goals, time commitment, student commitment, and drive. 

Plans are customized after assessing the individual, and we use a guideline to create a structured schedule as students are each unique and need different focuses and pathways to maximize their score.

This is broken into three phases:

  1. DIAGNOSIS: This process involves practice testing and review of past tests to determine weak points, such as timing, certain math concepts, or comprehension.
  2. FOCUSED REVIEW: Using a set of books, we target the identified areas of weakness and teach strategy lessons and recognition skills. The SAT is a test of patterns, and recognizing concepts or realizing what it is actually testing is key. We practice not only concepts, but specifically patterns that appear on the SAT that are not taught in school curriculum. The majority of problems are solved by recognizing the concept, then using simple rules to solve.
  3. EXECUTION: The final phase involves applying these skills on practice tests and reviewing and fine tuning until the test. By the time the test comes around, students feel comfortable with tests and should be able to recognize the intricacies and tricks of the SAT.

By using these methods, we have helped over 110 students since March 2016. We limit our client population to 15 students per test cycle to ensure each student gets the dedicated time they deserve. 

Ideal candidates have taken Algebra II, are intrinsically motivated to perform strongly on the SAT, and able to follow a schedule and complete homework and review independently. We ask a commitment of roughly 3-5 hours a week outside of scheduled lessons for review and prep.